Speeduino 0.3.7 Assembled

Speeduino 0.3.7 Assembled

$300.00 NZD (Including GST)

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


Fully assembled Speeduino 0.3.7 with Arduino Mega 2560 ready to go.


  • Support for 1-8 cylinder engines (2-4 fully sequential)
  • Fully interpolated 16×16 Maps
  • Open and closed loop boost control
  • Extensive list of supported crank patterns
  • Detailed and high speed logging
  • VE Analyze Live (‘Autotune’)
  • Secondary map switching
  • Individual fuel cylinder trim
  • Over dwell and over duty protection
  • Launch control
  • Free calibration of all sensors
  • Flex fuel support

More information can be found at Speeduino.com


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