Welding & Machining
We have welding services for Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminum. We use Tig (GTAW), Mig (GMAW) and Brazing welding processes.

We can also machine small parts on the shop lathe and mill.
Light Fabrication
We focus on Automotive and Light Fabrication. It could be Automotive Exhaust, Brackets, Flanges, Towbars, Ladders, Cages, Gates, Bollards, Handrails or anything else.

We will do our best to offer you an affordable solution.
Design & Cut Service
Need something designed or made but don't have the software or skills to work in CAD?

That's ok we can work with you to design and manufacture your parts to your specifications.

Bookings and Open Hours


Bookings are essential

You can request a booking over at our facebook page. Click here to book.

Please contact us before arriving as we often work offsite and the shop will be closed.

Contact Hours

We are available by phone 9am - 5pm Monday - Sunday

Phone: (09) 889 9300
Mobile: 027 789 9300

(Please leave a message if we are busy & don't forget a number if your calling from a withheld number)

Email: Sales@lynxfabrication.nz

Recent Projects

Automotive Flange Cutting
Automotive Flange Cutting

Intake or Exhaust Flanges for your custom manifold. Laser cut or Water cut to exact specifications.

FE3 Intake Adapter
FE3 Intake Adapter

Designed and manufactured an adapter plate to allow the Mazda / Kia FE-DOHC Engine to bolt on a Nissan SR20 Intake Manifold.

Drill Press Spacer
Drill Press Spacer

There is nothing like making a part that shouldn't fit do just that. Turned in house Alloy 6061 Spacer to correct offset of a different drill press table.

Speeduino Standalone ECU
Speeduino Standalone ECU

Flexibility and versatility to make your vehicle run the way you want it to, and at a fraction of the cost of a big name brand ECU.

We assemble and install Speeduino ECU's in house.


What clients say

Jay Sybrandy (Facebook)

"Very helpful, easy and also a good price."

Jay Sybrandy (Facebook) Fabricator @ Global Stainless